2018’s Top Performing Pharmacies

Congratulation to PAYDENS HAILSHAM for being the Pharmacy that performed the most NHS Health Checks in 2018 with 119 delivered!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the NHS Health Check programme at Paydens Pharmacy Hailsham. A special mention to Maxine who has been instrumental in attaining bookings as well as delivering high quality NHS Health Checks! They have worked tirelessly, week in week out, to make sure they not only provide a high-quality service but also reach as many eligible people as possible. You have made such a positive impact on your community, keep up the great work!

Runner up was KAMSONS HIGH STREET UCKFIELD, 85 NHS Health Checks!!!

Another mention must go to Kamsons Pharmacy (Uckfield High Street) who have done a cracking job by continually hitting their monthly target culminating in the delivery of 85 NHS Health Checks since launching the programme! They have consistently thought outside the box to generate bookings throughout the year and have such a positive attitude towards the service which comes across to their patients.

OYES would like to thank the pharmacies that are no longer part of the programme for all their hard work and would like to welcome on board Newhaven, Kamsons (Willingdon) and especially L.J Colis who have made a particularly strong start since started delivering in December!

Due to our contractual obligations in terms of delivery numbers, we will be closely monitoring performance of all pharmacies to ensure we are achieving our overall targets as a service. Pharmacies that fail to meet their agreed targets will be under review. Remember, you can always get in touch with us if you need any support.

Email Fergal: [email protected]