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Empowering Health Professionals to Talk About Obesity


The platform has been developed to give health professionals practical tools to confidently support patients in changing their health habits.

The content on the platform has been created by health professionals with decades of experience in their field, specialising in areas such as Dietetics, Psychology and patient perspectives on addressing sensitive subjects such as adult obesity.

Speaking of the new Learning Experience, Project Lead and Dietitian, Karen Davies, said: ” We are very excited to announce our brand new learning portal designed to help health professionals have those difficult conversations about weight management with patients.

Over the past year, we’ve been building this new Learning Experience. Our aim is to help health professionals feel more confident about raising the topic of being overweight or obese in a way that feels good for you and your patients, because we know it can be difficult to raise this issue.

In the Learning Experience, we’ve tackled big questions health professionals often have and provided really practical bite size learning on:

* How to raise the issue of obesity
* How to help inactive clients move more
* How to encourage healthier eating habits
* How to help patients maintain their changes and stay on track

There are conversation starters and practical examples of how to start having those difficult conversations around weight and obesity. We’ve also talked to patients and included their perspectives.

We understand health professionals are busy so the content is broken down into bite size videos, animations and articles to access on the go on a mobile or laptop. This will give the flexibility to get the knowledge during a commute, in a tea break or if a patient doesn’t turn up to an appointment.

The Learning Experience will help you feel confident and empowered to address obesity thoughtfully in your role and have positive conversations with patients.

To hear more information about the Learning Experience contact [email protected]