Attract Clients for an NHS Health Check With These Seven Top Tips

Here are the seven ways Pharmacists can attract more clients for an NHS Health Check:

Get the whole pharmacy involved in screening clients for the NHS Health Check


pharmacist handing leaflet

Don’t just rely on those that have been trained to deliver the service. It is a whole pharmacy approach.

Have stickers / leaflets within prescription bags promoting the service




Making sure any marketing materials are on full display will also help to make the service more visible.

Have a blood pressure stand


taking blood pressure

Offer all eligible people the full health check.

Link the NHS health Check to national campaigns such as:

  • National Obesity awareness – January
  • No Smoking Day – March
  • World Health Day – April
  • Action on Stroke Month – May
  • Dementia Action Week – May
  • Men’s Health Week – June
  • Diabetes Week – June
  • Health Information Week – July
  • Know your numbers – September
  • Stoptober – October

Use other pharmacy initiatives as an opportunity to screen clients

Initiatives such as the flu jab could give a great opportunity for your client to check their eligibility.

Promote the service on your website

Or your Pharmacy’s social media page!



Visit our NHS Health Checks page for more information or , if you’re a Pharmacist in East Sussex, get in touch with our NHS Health Checks Coordinator – Fergal.
You can email him [email protected].