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Active 10: Beat The Brain

This week we are joined by a Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor, Arjun as he uses his expertise, we’re discussing our take on the Active 10 Campaign and ways to combat a smoking habit.

If you were to think, what do you really like about smoking cigarettes or roll-ups? I mean really physically enjoy? Is it the strong taste, or the distinct smell, the feel of it in your fingers or perhaps the gentle sound of crackling when you pull in?

If the answers don’t easily arise, or arise at all, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Usually when we continue with a habit that we know is harmful to us, we’re not actually paying attention to the actual habit itself. It’s worth investigating this thought next time we decide to smoke, especially as it’s an expensive hobby. 🙂

There’s a concept that was designed by a Neuroscientist called Judson Brewer, from the University of Massacheusetts. The concept is called RAIN and it could be very useful the next time a cigarette is craved.

rain concept

Recognize the craving

Allow (accept) the craving to be there

Investigate or be curious about how it feels in your body

Note – write down anything at all you experience, moment to moment.


If you remain aware of how you feel when craving a cigarette this can help with a few things…

Firstly, understanding how our current situation is impacting us physically and/ or emotionally – how does my current situation make me feel? What impact is it having on me? Is it creating tension for me…what am I thinking about right now? Do I genuinely want to smoke a cigarette now or are my circumstances dictating my urges?

Secondly, creating some space between trigger and response. If a stressful environment, such as crying children at home, looming deadlines at work, or even at a party where we’re expected to mingle with new people, are triggers to smoke – the short pause to investigate how we’re feeling can create a sufficient gap in between the stressor and the response i.e. lighting the cigarette.


This space we’ve created allows us to make a decision in a calmer, more rational manner.

Perhaps it’s not a cigarette that we truly want, but rather to feel the tension of the stressful environment lifted. And there are many healthier ways in which we can help to alleviate stress 😊


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