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How can we use 400-600-600 to make healthy food choices?

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These resources will help you to eat well while you’re on the go. Whether you have just started a weight loss journey or want support in maintaining healthy eating habits.

Check out these three simple food swaps to eat well on the go. Five more are included in the resources pack!

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What is the 400-600-600 campaign about?

Watch the video to hear our Dietician explain everything you need to know.

You may have recently heard on the news that Britain needs to go on a diet, and lots of talk around calories. The new reports have mentioned that one of the main reasons for the UK’s increasing obesity crisis is that people are overeating every day, with many of the foods that are high in calories being consumed when people are on the go.


The new Public Health England campaign encourages adults to make healthier choices while out and about using the 400-600-600 as a guide. That’s around 400 calories for breakfast, 600 for lunch and 600 for dinner, plus a couple of healthier snacks and drinks in-between. Adults consume around a quarter (20-25%) of their calories from eating out, with many unsure how many calories they need each day.

How can you use these resources?

Rewire your way of thinking about food:

600 Calories for Lunch

It can be challenging not to fall into old habits when you’re in a hurry!


These resources will remind you of the best choices for your health when you need to make snappy decisions around what to eat.

Small Changes –

Big Impact:

Calorie Creep

A few very small changes can make a big difference to your health.


Check out our Dietician’s advice (included in the resource pack) to find out more.

Feel good mood = Feel good body:

400 600 600

The results are not just physical!


We will give you lots of tips on how to use these resources throughout April. You are going to feel great as you start to notice the new effects of managing your weight.


“I am a nurse who self referred myself to one you…..I am now 75 days smoke free. They are an amazing bunch of people who are committed to keeping you committed.” – Joanna Byers

Are you ready to make small lifestyle habits that can have a big impact on your health?

You can also download the resources individually below:

7 Day Food Plan

7 Day Food Planner

One You East Sussex Dietitians have chosen a range of meals, recommended by Public Health England, to create a plan that will make sticking to your healthy eating habits easy and enjoyable.

Recipe Ideas

Being healthy does not have to mean boring food! Give one of these recipes a go.

Recipes Ipad

What our Health Coach eats in a day

Not sure how to stay healthy during a busy working day? Listening to how one of our Health Coaches  stays healthy at work may help!

Food Diary

Use the food diary to encourage new healthy eating habits! Try recording your meals for one week if you want to become more aware of portion sizes.

Food diary
Food Swaps

Fuss Free Food Swaps

Any chance you will buy a lunch on the go this week?
Check out these simple food swaps to stop calories creeping up while you’re on the go.

Are you ready to make small lifestyle habits that can have a big impact on your health?