Speak with our team about what One You East Sussex can do for you during Stoptober!

Having someone to speak with on the days where it’s hard to find motivation could be the key to quitting the habit for good. Clients that join our stop smoking programme have often heard about our service through their GP.

It’s rarely the person’s first quit attempt and they’ll have previously tried to go cold turkey alone. We take a non-judgemental approach towards changing behaviours around smoking, and also offer three types of medication; nicotine replacement therapy, Champix and Zyban.

You are up to four times more likely to stop smoking for good with face to face or telephone support

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Linda says, “I had my last cig 6th July after 40yrs smoking, thanks to Rachel at One You East Sussex (and Champix)”.Since Linda took the steps to get support throughout her quit journey she has been smokefree for five months, after smoking for forty years.

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“Sandy smoked up to twenty cigarettes a day for more than forty years, but a series of nasty chest infections convinced her she had to stop before it was too late.”Sandy continues, “Because it was so bad, they had to put me on antibiotics and steroids, and everything, to get my chest clear. But now, it’s clear – and I’m thriving!”