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Challenges: Take on July Part 2

8 days have flown by already, here’s our description of our next 8 challenges!

Do any look like they’ll be tough?

Today isn’t movement based, rather we’re looking to calm the mind and slow the pace down. This is an important tool in life. To be able to understand when we need to take a step back, assess and clear some of our thoughts and feelings is a huge benefit to us. Ironically, some may not find this a test, meditation is known to provide huge benefits and can make our life’s challenges easier to stay on top of. The phrase mind full or mindful really speaks volumes. There’s great apps like Headspace, specifically created for mindfulness and meditation. Pick a youtube video to watch or find a podcast to listen to if you prefer.


Day 10

It’s midweek, we’ve been in lockdown for a long time and if you haven’t learned yet, we love nutrition challenges. It’s easy to want to resort to our closest pizza place, Chinese, Indian or whatever you fancy. How about this, re-create your favourite takeaway, try to make it as healthy as possible and be honest if you miss your usual or if you prefer your fakeaway.
Here’s some healthy recipe ideas from Jamie Oliver.

curry and rice

Day 11 – Weekend of Challenges

Here comes the weekend… Can we make it Alcohol free? Top tip, depending on your poison, explore some home made mocktails. Make sure to check out these 5 recommendations for low calorie, alcohol free beers from our friends at MAN v FAT. You might be surprised with what you find! 🍻


beer bottles

Day 12

Take it slow this Sunday, spend some time in the garden. Not only for your physical health but gardening can also have huge benefits on our mental wellbeing too. This could be anything from planting some colourful plants, doing some weeding or simply cutting the grass – get some vitamin D and feel the endorphins from gardening.


Day 13

Have you tried Pilates? We know it seems to be really popular, especially when we are exercising from home. If you’re using The Other Room Gym, Hannah leads Pilates classes in the Progression Room on Mondays. If you’re accessing our services you can use The Other Room Gym for free! Otherwise, have no fear – youtube has plenty of easy to follow along videos.


Day 14

Okay, so we’re on our 2nd meat free dinner, in the first we recommended using tofu or Linda McCartney sausages as a suggestion. Perhaps try to create a Meat Free Dinner with protein from alternative sources e.g. beans, legumes, lentils!

Check out some of these BBC Good Food recipes and let us know how you get on.


Day 15

Midweek stretch! Are your muscles feeling tight? Whether this is from exercising or potentially sitting too long, relax and have a stretch to feel better! If you need guidance, how about following a session guided by one of our instructors at The Other Room Gym? Head to the Vault for a decent stretch session no matter on ability.

man stretching

Day 16

Try to regularly sip water throughout the day, top tip is if your mouth starts to feel dry, you’re already dehydrated so try to prevent that feeling. Sounds crazy right? But a little and often will do the job. Also, if you sit down to work – this will encourage you to get up and walk to the toilet more often.

glass of water being poured

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