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Covid-19 & your food shops

How have you been finding food shops?
How many months have we been in lockdown? 1…2….3….4…+

We feel worlds away from the beginning of pandemic food shops when shelves were bare, including rice and pasta… don’t even get us started on toilet roll or soap!!

We’re definitely a few steps removed from those times, there’s more food available but sometimes it can be easy to fall in to bad or old habits.

A large number of us are doing online food shopping meaning we may not get everything we want whilst others want to get the food shop in person. Understandably, they want to get it done in record time to avoid the busy aisles and the chaos around our local shops. This could have caused us to have bad habits when food shopping.

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Some bad habits that may have been created could include grabbing the closest variety of the food we’d like to buy, rather than the healthiest.. or even skipping certain foods all together depending on how busy the aisles are or how much we prioritise that specific food in our weekly shop. (most common seems to be navigating the fruit and veg aisles!)

There’s nothing wrong with doing so, a pandemic has and is still affecting all our lives. Yet the importance of a healthy, balanced diet can not be underestimated.

How we can help

We have 2 arms of the service, both incredibly effective and FREE for East Sussex residents.

Would you like to move the focus back to eating well? Our 10 week Adult Weight Management courses are built for just this purpose, helping individuals with a BMI of 25+ get back to basics – with course material including knowledge on sugar, fats, portion control and so much more. Find out more here.

The second option is tailored just for men and helping them achieve weightloss.

MAN v FAT FOOTBALL is back, Gents with a BMI of 27.5 are eligible to get support in shedding some pounds and play footie. All sharing a common goal; weightloss. Become part of a team and challenge to win the league and become the BIGGEST LOSER! Find out more here.

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