COVID-19 and Smoking

The Importance of Stopping Smoking

This week we are joined by Matt, one of our specialist smoking cessation advisors as he discusses the importance of stopping smoking.

We are now nearly four weeks into lockdown, facing at least three more, and all of us are being asked to make huge changes to our lifestyles and sacrificing not only some of our freedoms, but for some people, incomes and way of life. In a time of huge uncertainty one thing that we can all be certain of is that we need to protect ourselves and those around us.

For some, the most important change that they can make is to quit smoking.

A statement from Public Health England two weeks ago said,

“Smoking tobacco is known to damage the lungs and airways causing a range of severe respiratory problems. The evidence clearly shows the COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system, which explains why smokers are at greater risk. A small but highly impactful survey from China finds that smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe disease”

There is clear evidence to suggest that by smoking you are greatly increasing your risk, not only of contracting COVID-19, but of experiencing more dangerous symptoms. The Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock declared, “It is abundantly clear from the research into previous coronaviruses that smoking makes the impact of a coronavirus worse.”

GP Dr Charlie Kenward from Bristol has created the hashtag, #QuitforCovid to encourage his patients and others to make a quit attempt during lockdown. There is a #QuitforCovid Twitter page with a Q&A every weekday evening from 7:30pm-8:30pm for people wanting to quit or struggling to stay quit.
To read the full Action on Smoking & Health article click here.

For those who live with smokers, exposure to second-hand smoke can also increase the risks in the same way as those in their household who smoke. Isolation is tough, but if someone smokes around family and friends, they are harming them as well as themselves.

Now more than ever, stopping smoking is the best thing that anyone can do to improve their health and the health of those around them.

We understand, quitting smoking is hard and can seem a scary prospect, but what better time to quit than now. Not only will it reduce chances of catching coronavirus, but also the chances of friends and family. With movements being restricted, it makes life harder in regards to getting a steady supply of tobacco. By quitting, it will also save money in a time when many are facing financial pressure.
And we can help people change their lives for the better.

How We Can Help

In line with government advice, face-to-face support is currently not available. However, One You East Sussex are still open and available to provide support for stopping smoking in a number of ways, both online and over the phone.  

 We also provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy that comes in various suitable forms and 1-2-1 behavioural change throughout the quit attempt for FREE. Studies show you are 4x more likely to quit and stay quit with our specialist help.

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