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What Happens When You Get a Hello Fresh Food Box? Part Two

Our One You East Sussex Dietitian recently bought a Hello Fresh food box and decided to document her experience for the team! Over the next three days we will answer any questions you may have around buying a healthy food box.

Day 2

What is the quality of ingredients like?

Hello Fresh used really high quality ingredients often from small local providers.

How easy are the meals to cook?

I really enjoyed cooking the meals and the recipes were easy to follow, my husband had a go at cooking some nights and found it easy too.


How long do they take to cook?

Most recipes take somewhere between 35 minutes and an hour to make. This was a slight problem some nights when getting in from after school clubs and work with hungry kids and not reverting to the normal pasta for tea.


What does the food actually taste like?

I really enjoyed trying new recipes and most excitingly so did the children – they all tried the different recipes with the favourite two meals been a sausage casserole and a pork stir-fry. They were also very excited that one of the meals included steak – something I wouldn’t ever consider cooking as a family meal.


What is the portion size like?

The portion sizes were reasonable – as a dietitian one of the things I often get frustrated about is that parents serve children such big portion sizes. There was plenty of food to serve two adults and two children (one of whom is 12).


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