hello fresh food box

What Happens When You Get a Hello Fresh Food Box?

Our One You East Sussex Dietitian recently bought a Hello Fresh food box and decided to document her experience for the team! Over the next three days we will answer any questions you may have around buying a healthy food box.


Day One

How does it work?

I opted for the Hello Fresh Family box, this consisted of four meals for four people. I downloaded the Hello Fresh app and made my first order which was a really quick and easy process. If you search on the internet there are lots of introductory offers out there which make it really cost effective for the first box. I didn’t make any changes to the suggested meals and the only other ingredients required were salt, pepper and cooking oil.

What different packages were available? Which did you go for and why?

As a busy working mum with three boys I opted for the Family Box which provides four meals for four people. I was slightly sceptical about how this would suit our family as the youngest two boys are quite fussy.

What are your first impressions? Is your first box what you expected?

The box arrived as promised and was left on our doorstep as I was out when it was delivered. I was really impressed with the packaging of the box with the ingredients for each meal were packaged in a separate bag, and the chilled ingredients packaged in ice packs and sheep’s wool packaging. Most of it folded down into the recycling bin.

Is there an app? How does that work?

I used the app over the main website and I found it really helpful for the recipes and it also has a timer on help you with the cooking. You can also see all the other recipes for the week and for other boxes.


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