Janet’s Journey to Healthy Weight Loss

Janet’s Journey to Healthy Weight Loss was prompted by a conversation with her GP around chronic arthritis. Janet shares the story of how her experience on the adult weight management course not only encouraged her to lose a total of seven kilograms, but gave her a new approach towards her eating habits.


What I loved the most about the Adult Weight Management (AWM) Programme was that it was a lifestyle intervention not another fad diet.


I had been referred to the AWM program through my General Practice, The Sovereign Practice in Eastbourne. One of the main reasons I joined was due to the chronic arthritis in my knees, which was creating problems with my walking.

I had my initial 121 appointment with my health coach who was really helpful in giving me ideas on which healthy foods to eat in my everyday diet.

The One You East Sussex Adult Weight Management Health Coaches

I starting acknowledging that the foods that I had deemed to be healthy weren’t actually healthy at all.

I then attended the Bexhill AWM Program in April and found it ‘brilliant, absolutely brilliant!’ Rebecca, the Weight Management Practitioner was extremely professional and continuously motivated everyone, even if you had a week and not lost weight. She is very friendly and approachable and made the sessions very informative and great fun.

I have now starting CRAVING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES which I never experienced before, I now really enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and have a variety of them.

I completed the 10 weeks of the AWM course very successfully, I lost of a total of 5kg and have still continued the motivation to lose an additional 2kg since the completion of the program, It was a huge eye opener for me. Since losing some weight it’s taken the pressure off the chronic arthritis in my knees which I didn’t expect to happen, I also have lots more energy.

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