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July Challenges Pt. 4: The Finale!

Can you believe that here is the final week of our monthly Challenges? We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part as much as we have!

Without much further ado, let’s break down the last bundle of tasks.

Day 25 – Move for 35 mins

We’re stepping it up slightly this week and aiming for 35 minutes of movement! As always, remember to pace yourself. Why not try cycling this week if you ran last week or a fast walk with an aim to increase your heart rate and breathing.

person jogging

Day 26 – Cook a healthy dinner

End your week the right way with a nutritious dinner. Why not try making a homemade vegetable curry jam-packed with your favourite veggies or opt for a grilled tuna steak or chicken breast with plenty of roast vegetables such as aubergine, courgette, sweet potato, carrot and garlic. For more inspiration, BBC Good Food has some great healthy dinner recipes.

healthy noodle dish

Day 27 – Put your phone on silent

It’s a new week and today’s challenge is all about being more present! Our mobile phones can be a big distraction throughout our day. By doing something as simple as putting it away on silent can reap great benefits such as better productivity, sleeping better and having a greater attention to what’s happening around you.

phone with notification icons

Day 28 – 40 minutes to move more

We’re nearly at the end of our July challenge, which means we’re increasing our activity again! Today we’re aiming for 40 minutes of movement, whether this is a walk, run or cycle, how far can you move in 40 minutes? Adjust the pace to what suits you and don’t worry if you need to slow down or even stop. By slightly increasing the amount of time you’re active each week it creates a much more achievable goal.

person cycling

Day 29 – Midweek stretch

Today’s challenge is all about giving your body a good stretch! Spend 10 minutes or so stretching your limbs such as your legs, arms, shoulders and lower back. Do you use The Other Room Gym? If you’re using our services, you can access it for FREE with various stretching classes available in the Vault 24/7! Give it a try – stretching keeps muscles strong, flexible and healthy.

lady stretching outside

Day 30 – Meditate today

Just like the challenge in week 2, today’s challenge is about calming the mind through meditation. Meditation can take a bit of practice so don’t worry if you don’t feel the effects immediately. Why not try using a 10 minute guided meditation on YouTube or Headspace? Plug in your headphones, find a comfy spot and relaaaaax.

lotus flower

31 days of challenges – 45 minutes, let’s move!

The benefits of movement are endless! – To finish off, we are getting moving again but this time for that little bit longer. How far can you move today in 45 minutes compared to 40 minutes? You might surprise yourself! This could be a walk with jogging intervals or if you’d prefer, why not try out a fun home workout video, there are plenty available on YouTube or in ‘The Vault’ on our FREE online platform, The Other Room Gym.

person walking

Well, there you go – we have reached the final day of our July challenges, a massive well done if you have managed to complete the goals, whether you completed all of them or some of them! Thank you for taking part and if you found it motivational, why not continue the challenges by setting your own personal daily goals which can be as easy or as hard as you like, big or small, a goal is a goal!

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