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Will you take part in our July Challenge?

Fancy a challenge?

Join us by completing our 31 days of health and wellbeing challenges. The goal by the end of July is to be on our way to creating happier and healthier lives with good habits being formed.

Each challenge can range from activity, nutrition, movement and wellbeing. So, without further ado -find the first 8 days worth here so you have time to prepare if needed for challenges that include nutrition.

Day 1 of the Challenge

How far can you move in a 20 minute window? As simple as this challenge can seem on paper, it could really surprise you! This can include walking, running, cycling or swimming. A fast walk where we are struggling to talk perhaps, or a gentle jog to see if we can run for most/ all of that 20 minutes, find a scenic bike ride and enjoy the view or brave a gentle sea for a few lengths.

(Always stay safe and if you haven’t swam in the sea before, we wouldn’t recommend starting now)

Whatever you do, take 20 minutes for yourself on this Wednesday, it could be the best thing you do for yourself today.


riding a bike

Day 2 – Fruit Challenge

Increase our fruit intake by 2 portions. There’s good reason behind this challenge, it all links to hydration, something that can be hard to maintain in the summer months when the temperature starts to sore. Bonus points for anyone that goes for the fruit with high water content, good examples would be melon, watermelon, oranges, grapes.


bowl of fruit

Day 3

Okay now this challenge is all about hydration. Guidelines suggest we drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, only you will know whether that’s a realistic target for yourself or not. Well today, we’re aiming for 8-10 glasses. Our little secret is to set alarms on your phone for each hour – 90 minutes to make sure you are properly hydrated.

(This doesn’t include exercise or if it’s a hot day, be prepared to take on more water to factor in these elements.)


glass of water

Day 4

Find your inner Zen. Take on a Yoga class – our friends at MAN v FAT call it Broga for the guys which we are a big fan of! Do you use The Other Room Gym? If you’re using our services you can access it for FREE with yoga classes available in the Vault 24/7!

woman stretching

Day 5

How attached to screen time are you?

We haven’t picked an easy task today due to how attached our everyday life is to technology. BUT, let’s say you go to bed at 10.30, we want you to turn off all screens (phone included) at 9.30 and have an hour to wind down from mental stimulation, perhaps sit outside if it’s warm enough and read a book. Let us know how you get on with the quality of your sleep, we’re hoping for good things!


person on the phone

Day 6 – The Other Room Gym Challenge

Monday means Challenge. Our friends at The Other Room Gym set short, sharp tests of fitness at the beginning of each week. Feeling confident? Head to the Challenge Room and let us know how you get on.



Day 7

Meat Free Dinner is the goal today, how about some meat substitutes? Tofu can be a great option for chicken and if you love sausages, it would be worthwhile checking out Linda McCartney’s meat free version. We’ve heard from a lot of people that they can actually be the preference to the meat option!


Day 8

We’re 8 days in, it’s time to take our movement challenge and increase the time. 25 minutes are on the clock, how far can you walk, run, cycle or swim? If 20 minutes felt tough, move at a slower pace and try to sustain for the full length of time. Don’t worry if you have to slow the pace down or even stop. The goal is to reach 25 minutes – however we can.

man exercising

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