Looking For The Good

With everything going on at the moment, it can feel like we’re constantly surrounded by bad news, with very little good news reaching us. This can be really overwhelming and damaging to our mental health. 

We have put together a few tips for staying positive when it feels like there’s more negative news than positive! 

1. Switch off the news!

We would really suggest turning off your TV if it’ just stressing you out. Remember we didn’t use to have 24-hour news and so we’ll be fine to take a bit of time away from it.

2. Switch up your social media habits 

Everyone has one topic at the front of their mind and so taking a step away from social media might be a good idea. Either delete the apps from your phone or set yourself a daily time limit to spend on them. However, if you find social media a good distraction, it might be an idea to go through your follow list and just check you’re only following people who make you feel happy!

3. Seek out the positives!

One of our clients recommended The Good News Network which only posts positive articles. The bad news is often given more attention but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of good things happening. Let us know your favourite story!

4. Get involved with the good.

Lots of initiatives have popped up recently to spread positivity. These include displaying rainbows in your window or celebrating our community by joining in with the NHS clap on Thursday evenings!

5. Focus on the little things!

If we feel overwhelmed, it can be helpful to actively look out for the things that make us happy that we might have taken for granted under normal circumstances. For example, admiring spring flowers in your garden or speaking to a friend on the phone.

Most importantly, if you find that you are struggling, please remember you can reach out and ask for help.  



We saw this April chart from Action For Happiness and have decided we’ll be following along for the month!

How can One You East Sussex help find the good in our lives?

As the County’s FREE healthy lifestyle Service, we can help Residents of East Sussex change their behaviour.

Whether that is with kicking the habit and giving up smoking for good, eating well and helping with weight management, picking up our activity levels in isolation and moving more, or trying to reduce the amount of Alcohol we drink – all our Services can be accessed via a phone clinic!

A referral takes 1 minute and could help with a healthier and happier YOU!


Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.