Man V Fat – Weigh, Play, Lose, Win

This week we are lucky enough to be joined by Alan, one of our Man V Fat clients in our Eastbourne League. We wanted to ask Alan a few questions to share his story and success.


What led you to sign up to MVF?

I had just turned 50 years old, not played any team sport for 20 years and really missed playing football. I have always been a certain weight and had never tried to lose weight before and this seemed a good opportunity to do both things.

What do you think makes MVF such a successful weight loss programme?

The reason I am finding it successful is that it’s not forcing me to lose weight in a particular way, it is more by incentive to help my team by hitting the percentage targets and hat tricks.

The football is really enjoyable and caters for all ages, sizes, fitness levels and ability anyone can fit in.

The support you get from your team mates is the biggest reason for my weight loss, you go that extra mile for your team, it’s that guilty feeling when you reach for a chocolate bar that you don’t want to let your team down.

Who do you play for and what are the matches like?

The team’s called Maradonna Kebabs and we play in a green kit. It’s our first season playing, and we have won the football league. Was this because of my silky skills and box to box running? Definitely not true, but the hat tricks and hitting 5% & 10% of body weight lost certainly contributed.

The matches are fun and competitive and yet you have respect for all the guys on the pitch as they’re all the same as you in trying to lose weight, but our team camaraderie is the best. Thanks guys!!

What differences has losing this weight made in your life?

10 weeks in and I have lost 12.5% of body weight, losing weight every single week and it feels great. I am competitive with myself to keep that going and it’s like an addictive buzz each week at the weigh in. I started Man v Fat as a way to play football but with the support of my team, family and friend Peter at work who constantly encourages me to make healthy changes in my diet, I’m on my journey to a healthier life.

We also asked a few questions to our Eastbourne League Coach, Fergal!


What advice would you give to anyone considering joining MVF?

Give it a go! The results speak for themselves, players lose on average between 3-4 kg per season. If you are looking to lose a bit of weight and enjoy yourself along the way, this is for you. If you want to find out more, feel free to contact me or just come down and you can see for yourself. The league is based on not only the score on the pitch but also how many team members lose weight each week. You get bonus goals for losing weight for three weeks and losing 5% or 10% of your starting weight.

How do I qualify? How much would it cost?

As long as you’re Male with a BMI of 27.5 or above you qualify to join. The first season which is 14 weeks is free and if you would like to carry on thereafter, as many players do, it will be a monthly payment of £25 which can be paid by direct debit.

What fitness level do I need to be?

The majority of the players haven’t played football for years and there’s a range of fitness levels, ages, sizes and footballing abilities. You needn’t worry if you’re a bit rusty, there will be a position for you and remember regularly losing weight will help the team too. I often hear the guys telling me that they find their fitness levels increase each week and they find it easier and easier. There are rolling subs during the fixtures so you can play as little or as much as you want.


We have Leagues in Falmer, Hastings and Eastbourne. Our recommendation is to meet the Coach if you’re not sure on joining and visit the League to watch the level of Fitness. You can view the Leagues on Man V Fat’s website.

Interested in our services? It takes less than two minutes to register for Man V Fat! Visit our Get Started page to find out more.