Meet Fergal! Our NHS Health Check Coordinator

Meet Fergal, one of our experts in the service on NHS health checks! In this post Fergal shares a few insights on what to expect when you go for a NHS Health Check, and how our team can help you to have more control over your health.


My mission is to get people to have an NHS Health Check and take ownership of their health!


My job is to support our excellent team of Health Coaches in reaching people who can receive a NHS Health Check, deliver a great service and help to change people’s lives. After completing my degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Chichester, I have worked in various public health programs helping people up and down the country to improve their health and wellbeing.

“When I’m not working, I love watching sport, especially Chelsea (when they win).”

My role is to provide the Health Coaches with tailored training so they are best equipped to deliver NHS Health Checks and have all the knowledge they need to encourage people to make any relevant lifestyle changes. I am the man to talk to if you are looking to offer health checks to any organisations, workplace or groups you are involved in.

What does a NHS Health Check involve?

Having an NHS Health Check is designed to pick up on any early signs of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and other health conditions. Often people can look and feel healthy on the outside, but inside, it can be a different story.

Many risk factors that we look at during a NHS Health Check have little to no symptoms. By identifying any of these risk factors early, we can do something about it and thereby reduce your risk of developing serious health conditions.
We deliver NHS Health Checks in various locations all over the county. It’s completely FREE and if you meet the criteria, you can book into one of our clinics today!

Check out our NHS Health Checks page for more information.