One You East Sussex is celebrating 500 smoke-free days with our Health Coach, Mandy.

Mandy started smoking when she was 14; her Dad smoked, and as a teenager she felt it helped her fit in with the ‘cool’ crowd.

Though she stopped smoking during each of her three pregnancies, Mandy struggled with smoking on and off for 37 years.

Over the years she tried to quit about 7 times, with varying degrees of success. Even though she really wanted to quit, each time her triggers would see her set back. Mandy says, ‘smoking was the way I coped.’

So what changed?

‘My motivation is my grandchildren’, says Mandy. ‘I love to tell them that Nana doesn’t smoke any more, and they all clap!’

‘I was so motivated that it was a breeze. The time I thought I’d be tempted was going on holiday with 5 smokers but I thought, ‘no, I don’t want it and I don’t need it.’ That’s when I knew I’d nailed it.’

Quitting has really helped Mandy in her role as a One You East Sussex Health Coach, ‘When people come in for stop smoking support, I can show it is doable. They relax more as they know I understand what it feels like.’

Not only has Mandy’s health improved, but she’s saving money and has started exercising more since she quit. She’s started walking to work every day and has lost 12 inches around her waist!

Stopping smoking has also been catching; her brother and sister quit at the same and her husband’s cut down, too.

‘I feel so pleased with myself,’ she says. ‘There’s no going back on it. None whatsoever!’

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