Simple ways to stick to a healthy diet…

Despite knowing the benefits of losing weight, reducing the risk of disease, having more energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle- it can be easier said than done. We are embedded with millions of “tips” on how to live our best life. The good news is, realistically are only a handful of things we actually need to introduce ourselves and commit to (which will soon enough become second nature), to allow us to lead a healthier and happier version of ourselves.


#1- Understand what works for you.

It is not a “one size fits all” approach, nor is there a perfect diet that works for everyone. It is imperative that you experiment with different ways so that you can find and enjoy a way of eating healthy and exercising. Once you’ve found the way that works for you, you will find it more sustainable in the long run.

#2- Kick start your day with a protein-fuelled brekkie

Not only is this important for our metabolism, it will also help you feel full and prevent over-eating later in the day.

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#3 Practice mindful eating

This technique allows us to rekindle that healthy relationship with food. It can help us gauge what is an appropriate amount for us and help us decide what our body actually wants.

#4 Be one-step-ahead

Having a plan can help you maintain your healthy habits as well as assisting you in making healthier food choices. This can include making a conscious effort to pack a lunch each day so that you are guaranteed a nutritious meal regardless of how busy or unpredictable your day is or browsing the menu ahead of getting to the restaurant.

#5- Make your house a safe zone

“Out of sight, out of mind?”- Keeping unhealthy foods out of sight will increase your chances of staying on track. If you are surrounded by more unhealthy than healthy choices, you will find it more difficult to fight temptation.

#6- Carry on-the-go healthy snacks

This is a great way to avoid picking up any unhealthy snacks when you’re on the move for several hours. When our hunger becomes too much, grabbing anything and everything tends to be the solution. Unfortunately, this is often processed foods which doesn’t satisfy our hunger for long enough.

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