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Stoptober ✅… Weight management next?

So you’ve aced Stoptober… what next?

Read along as we highlight each of our service arms and how we can continue to help you for FREE! Is weight management next?

It can be common when giving up cigarettes for our body to naturally gain a little weight – don’t be alarmed, however if you have a BMI of over 25 and would like help, we have several options.

Adult Weight Management courses

For men and women in East Sussex we offer Adult Weight Management Courses that focus on the importance of portion control, what types of food we eat and why we should be careful about fat and sugar content. These run in a group format over 10 weeks.

MAN v FAT Football

For men in East Sussex with a BMI of 27.5 or above, we offer MAN v FAT Football with the first 14 week season free. We have leagues in Eastbourne, Falmer and Hastings. Fancy getting the boots back on? Don’t let the standard stop you, we have gents that play 5 mins a week up to the full match. What matters equally is what happens off the pitch, make simple changes to your diet, get weighed before you play and contribute to your team on or off the pitch.

Health coaching – drink less

Have you noticed that in lockdown or since giving up cigarettes that you’re consuming more alcohol? Would you like help reducing the amount you drink? We can help! Make an appointment with one o our Health Coaches and learn useful tips on how to limit the alcohol drinks which in turn can also help with weight loss.

Health coaching – move more, eat well

Our Health Coaches can also help people on a 1-2-1 setting with moving more and eating well. Get back to a healthier you with our simple tips.

The Other Room Gym

Have you been using our online gym platform as part of your quit attempt? That’s another reason to keep using our service – so you can continue your unlimited access of The Other Room: Virtual Gym.


Interested in continuing with our help? You can fill out a referral today for another arm of our service!