We have two established leagues running in Eastbourne and Bexhill with a third due to start in Falmer in September. MAN v FAT is a weight-loss football league. A national initiative, the 16-week, 6 a side league helps men with a BMI of 27.5+ to lose weight, get fit and make friends.

Players are weighed each week before the match, and if two team members have lost weight they ‘earn’ a goal before they’ve even set foot on the pitch. Over 180 men have joined up so far and results have been remarkable.

One Eastbourne player, Ross Newark, has so far lost 30.5kg – that’s 36.5% of his starting body weight. Check out Ross’s story here.

Ross said, “I was fed up with clothes not fitting, buttons would pop open & shirts would look like a tent – something needed to change!

“I’d tried the gym but found it hard to motivate myself. I saw the MAN v FAT football advert on Facebook and thought the concept was interesting and the peer pressure would help me stay on track. Our first match was dreadful, everyone was out of shape, out of breath and everything ached – but it was such a laugh and subsequent weeks got easier & more competitive! Encouragement came via our team WhatsApp group & Paul Johnson our coach, everyone was eating better and was exercising for fear of the weigh in on Wednesday night.

“My family noticed changes immediately like a positive disposition, I was suddenly able to sprint up staircases & chase the kids, walk further with my dogs, cycle up hills. My colleagues commented how good I looked and this made me more confident and determined to continue being the best loser I could be!”

It couldn’t be easier to join a league – call 01323 404 600 to register or click here for our website.