Be smoke free in 3 months

Looking for a way to improve your health is great and giving up cigarettes is going to do just that. Find out how quitting can be just the boost you need. 

By saying goodbye to cigarettes, you’re reducing your risk of developing up to 16 types of cancer, strokes and heart disease. 

Having intentions of quitting is good but it’s just half the battle. Staying on top of cravings and setting good habits is what makes the difference for those that quit. 

Managing cravings 

  • Spend time with people who support you in desire to stop smoking. 
  • Familiar surroundings can help you feel more at ease when cravings hit. 
  • Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy as provided to help take the edge off the need to smoke. 
  • If you go into an office or a busier work setting, it can help to let colleagues know of your intentions to quit so they can help you when cravings strike. 

Use our support 

We’re your biggest cheerleader and we know just how tough the road to being smoke free can feel. Remember our articles and videos are here to help. If you have any questions, speak to your advisor. Studies show that you’re 4 times more likely to quit and stay quit for good with specialist support so lean on us when you’re in a time of need. 


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