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There are so many ways in which we can improve our health. None are as effective as becoming smokefree.

With a New Year, change is coming. Not only could becoming smokefree put money back in your pocket. But by quitting cigarettes, you are also reducing your risk of developing up to 16 types of cancer, strokes and heart disease.

With the Government declaring another lockdown, we know we’re going to be spending time at home. This bodes well when it comes to changing our behaviour due to us being in familiar surroundings, we need to feel comfortable to have the best chance of success. There may also be less peer pressure in our home environment compared to a work setting.

We know that Covid-19 can have an aggressive effect on our bodies cardiovascular system, it is known to be worse for smokers due to tobacco smoke damaging the lungs and airways. Find out more on the NHS Better Health website here.

Our Help

Our clinics are fully operational via telephone appointments provided by our specialist stop smoking advisors. They provide support over a 12 week window with Nicotine Replacement Therapy sent to your door. Want to know more about Champix? The most successful treatment for helping people give up cigarettes for good. Read our Champix blog here.

Our advisors are experienced and can be reached for friendly advice when you’re feeling urges to smoke. One million smokers improved their health in 2020 by quitting cigarettes. We wrote this blog back in 2020, read how we encouraged East Sussex residents to be 1 in a million. Let’s make 2021 even better. Studies show you are 4x more likely to quit, and stay quit for good with specialist support.

Get 2021 started in the right way, fill out a short referral form here. Become smokefree in 3 months with our specialist help.


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