Can you stop the progression of COPD?

Have you heard of the disease COPD? What this actually stands for is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

This is the term for a group of conditions which include bronchitis and emphysema and are commonly characterised by the narrowing of the airways in the lungs (see picture below). The narrowing of the airways makes it more difficult for air to travel in and out of the lungs, meaning it is harder to get oxygen into the blood where it is needed.

One of the most harmful aspects of COPD is that it is chronic and progressive – meaning that it can’t be cured once we have developed the disease. Approximately 1.2million people are currently living with COPD in the UK alone.

Even though there can be multiple causes of COPD, it is suggested that approximately…. 90% of all cases are attributable to smoking. The reason for this is that each cigarette that you smoke contains tar and carbon monoxide; both are extremely damaging to our health and especially our lungs.

The good news is that by quitting smoking you can greatly reduce your risk of developing COPD.  If you are reading this and already have the condition then it is not too late – by quitting you can steadily slow the progression of COPD, which could mean a greatly improved quality of life.

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