E-Cigarette vs Cigarette

What are the benefits of smoking an E-cigarette over a Cigarette?

What’s the difference between smoking and using an e-cigarette?

There are around 3.3 million Vapers in the UK and increasingly people are turning to e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking.  There is evidence that vaping is nowhere near as harmful as smoking, the Royal College of Physicians remain strong in their stance that it is 95% safer than smoking.  This figure comes from Public Health England and ongoing studies indicate the percentage could be even higher.

There are 400-500 ingredients in each cigarette and, when they burn, around 4,000 chemicals are produced. In comparison, E-liquid typically contains only 12 ingredients. E-cigarettes also have the added advantage of not containing any tars (the main cancer-causing substance) or carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas release from anything organic burning).

One of the benefits of swapping to an e-cigarette is that you can still have nicotine if you want to, just without all the nasties. Also, an e-cigarette user is classed as a non-smoker!

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Tanya, One You East Sussex Stop Smoking Team Lead’s advice on E-Cigarettes;

‘Something we hear often, that prevents smokers from swapping to an e-cigarette, is when they tried before, if caused them to cough.  This could be due to not knowing the method of inhalation required which is different to smoking a cigarette.  With an e-cigarette, the user should draw in the vapour into the mouth slowly for 4 seconds, and then inhale.  This should result in no coughing!

Here at One You East Sussex, we are seeing a high number of our clients quitting with an e-cigarette. We provide the device, a charging plug, spare atomisers and all the e-liquid you need for 12 weeks. We highly recommend using patches, that we can supply, alongside the e-cigarette.  Patches are extremely helpful because your body will still be getting the same level of nicotine it’s used to.  This allows your nicotine receptions to die out, which will make your quit much easier.  We will guide and support you through the 12 weeks course and reduce the nicotine levels as we go.’

Using an E-cigarettes is now the most popular way to quit.  Why not give it a try, with our support?


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