ITV News: It’s Not Too Late to Stop

ITV News shares Oneyou East Sussex story

Sandy Goodie, a resident who stopped smoking with One You East Sussex, shares her story with ITV News.

The feature supports a new TV advert, as shown on ITV News, with the message “Be There Tomorrow”, which highlights that half of all smokers will die prematurely from a tobacco-related disease. The hard-hitting advert has been launched across Sussex to persuade more people to quit.

Other statistics revealed in relation to the advert include:

  • Smoking is the biggest cause of premature death in England.
  • Over the coming year, 1,000 adults across the County are predicted to die from smoking related diseases.

The ITV news feature reports:

“Sandy smoked up to twenty cigarettes a day for more than forty years, but a series of nasty chest infections convinced her she had to stop before it was too late.”

Sandy continues, “Because it was so bad, they had to put me on antibiotics and steroids, and everything, to get my chest clear. But now, it’s clear – and I’m thriving!”

When the Stop Smoking Team Lead for One You East Sussex, Tanya Sutton, was asked to elaborate on why counselling paired with medication, such as nicotine replacement therapy, is has high success rates she says, “A lot of people come to us and they do feel as if they can’t do it. They may have tried many times before, but we do know that it takes on average around twelve tries for people to attempt to quit before it actually works.”

Tanya continues, “Our message to them is don’t stop trying.”

Sandy ends the story of her stop smoking journey by sharing the impact it’s had on her finances and family, with the main benefits being the money saved to spend on experiences with loved ones as opposed to cigarettes.

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