Support to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

We can help you to stop smoking whilst you're pregnant

Pregnant and Smoking? We can help!

How will you support me to stop smoking?

We will give you a call every week to see how you are getting on and post any nicotine replacement therapy that you may need. Our support together with the medication will give you the best change of quitting.

Just leave us your number and Katie, our stop smoking specialist, will give you a call for a quick chat to see if you would like to continue on your quit journey.

Our Stop Smoking During Pregnancy Team Work In Association With the Happy Baby Club

A Happy Baby Club helps mums give their babies the best start in life. The initiative was the idea of Ella Schofield, Infant Feeding Lead at the East Sussex NHS Trust.

Ella says: “We just want to help women to be the best mothers they can be and their babies to be the happiest they can be. The Club gives us a way to start conversations with pregnant women and new mums in a meaningful and friendly way and to raise issues such as keeping cortisol (stress hormone) levels down. Creating this ‘virtual’ club will allow women to check in daily with their own progress and remind them how well they are actually doing.

For more information ‘Get Started’ and mention that you’d like to speak with Katie for stop smoking support.


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