Top tips for staying smoke free 

Once you’ve made the decision to quit, avoiding smoking is a big achievement. Here are our top tips to make staying smoke free that little easier.

Making the decision to quit is just one part of becoming a non-smoker. The hard part is continuing to be smoke free, even when things get tough and you’re craving a cigarette. But you have the power to do it, especially if you keep our top tips in mind.  

Change how you think about yourself 

You’re not trying to quit. You’re simply a non-smoker now. It’s a subtle shift in how you refer to yourself, but in terms of your mindset it’s a big change.  

Saying you’re trying to quit implies that there’s room for you to fail, but when you tell yourself in no uncertain terms that you’re now a non-smoker, there’s no mistaking it – smoking is something you no longer do.  

Remind yourself why you no longer smoke. Write down your reasons or keep a list on your phone for a quick reminder when things feel tough. 

Be open and honest 

Tell people you’ve recently become a non-smoker. If you’re socialising with someone who smokes, it’s ok to show a little vulnerability if you’re finding it hard. Ask them not to smoke around you, and though anyone with common sense will know not to, ask them to avoid offering you a cigarette too.  

Plan your distractions 

You’ll probably feel the urge to smoke at some point, and these urges can often be strongest when you’re bored or not doing anything. Plan a distraction – can you change your environment when the urge strikes? Can you have something on hand to do when your fingers feel empty?  

Drink less 

The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to lose your inhibitions. When you’re a few drinks in, suddenly going outside for a sneaky cigarette seems like a really good idea and before you know it, you’ve undone the work you’ve put in to becoming a non-smoker. 

Take your time when drinking, and cut back by alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.  

Go prepared 

If you’re using nicotine replacement therapy like patches, gum or tablets to remain smoke free, make sure you’ve got it with you whatever you’re doing. Keep them in your bag when you’re out and about, have some nearby when you’re at work and keep them where you can see them in the house. When cravings strike, they can really help to take the edge off.  


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