Your First Stop Smoking Appointment

Stopping smoking doesn't need to be scary, have a look at what to expect on your first appointment.

Your First Stop Smoking Appointment

What to expect

The first appointment with your stop smoking specialist will be very informal, most of our clinics are held in a private room in a community setting. We like to get to know one another first, talk about how things are for you at the moment and get you to think about why now is the right time to quit for you.

What will it mean for you to quit? We want to know how it will change your life and we’ll prep you to make sure you are completely ready to stop.

Going through any past quit attempts is a good way to find out about the things that have worked for you before. Even a few days without a cigarette is an achievement! We will bring the positives and strategies that worked before into your new quit to make a long term quit more achievable.

We want to hear how you feel about smoking. Whether you rely on certain cigarettes at certain times and why this is, what can you do differently at that time and what is it about cigarettes that keeps you hooked. Quite often it is the habit we need to break, medication we can provide will take care of most of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

We will explain each medication to you, leaving you to decide which one you think will work best. We have several proven options that you will use throughout the 12 week course alongside support and motivation from us.

A Carbon Monoxide reading will be taken at each appointment, this is a simple breath test to measure how much of this poisonous gas is in your blood stream. We expect the reading to be high on first assessment, but this will quickly come down once you’ve quit which is a great way to see the benefits of quitting.

The Course lasts 12 weeks – an appointment every week for the first 6, every other for the final 6. It is important to attend all the sessions as this will increase your chances of success. Our advisors are friendly, non-judgemental and supportive.

We look forward to welcoming you at a Clinic soon!

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