At gloji, there are no complicated, restrictive diet plans. We’ll empower you to make lifestyle choices that mean your weight loss becomes permanent weight loss.


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How does gloji work?

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We provide practical tools (like the gloji journal and food diary) plus an online wealth of inspiration, tailored specifically to your needs. You’ll learn about your own habits around food and health based on the latest science of what it takes to change behaviours.

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We have a whole team of nutritionists, exercise, and behavioural mentors to guide you along the way.

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We want you to feel incredible, so we also support you by looking at things like stressors, sleep, alcohol intake, movement and how you’re feeling mentally.

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On top of that, our specially trained health mentors are on hand to support you by phone as little or as often as you like.

What does gloji promise?

To help you lose weight and feel great so you never have to ‘diet’ again!

What’s more, we will help you make it fun!

Our goal is to get you living your best life!


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