Are there benefits to drinking alcohol? 

The type of alcohol we drink and how we consume it varies across cultures. Can a moderate intake in combination with other factors actually be beneficial to our health and wellbeing? 

 The warm, fuzzy feeling we get after having a drink or two can be a great de-stresser and can lead to increased confidence in social interactions. Yet, drinking too much alcohol can drain our energy, mood and sleep too. So who can we look to in order to strike the right balance? 

‘Blue Zones’ are areas of the world where life expectancy is high due to a combination of factors. Sardinia is a blue zone with citizens notable for not smoking, walking lots and eating a diet rich in unprocessed foods like fish, veg, nuts and olive oil.  

Here’s where it gets interesting, Sardinian men have fewer heart attacks. One reason might be that they drink small servings of wine often with friends, leading to lower stress levels alongside a good diet and active lifestyle.  

Alcohol isn’t a magical elixir that can correct our bad lifestyle choices but it can be part of a healthy lifestyle if it’s consumed responsibly. Certain alcoholic drinks have health benefits. It’s important to note that these can all be obtained from food too.  

It’s interesting to know: 


      • Tequila is lower in calories than vodka and contains non digestible sugars (agavins). They won’t raise your blood sugar levels and have been shown to lower cholesterol. 


        • Whiskey contains ellagic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that absorbs rogue cells. 

        • Red wine contains active compounds  (polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin) which studies have shown improve overall heart health. 

      NHS guidelines suggest our long term health prospects are improved by not regularly consuming over 14 units per week. If we pay attention to our drinking habits, we can enjoy a happy and healthier relationship with alcohol. Consider the role alcohol plays in your life.  


          • Do I drink because I‘m bored? 

          • Can I just have one drink, or do I find it hard to stop once I start? 

          • Do I drink as an escape from past trauma or the stresses of my daily life? 

          • Have I just got into the habit of having several drinks when I get in from work? 

          • Do I drink alone more often than not? 

          • Have social circles influenced the amount I drink? 

        If you answer yes to any other questions, try and make some small changes. 

        Thinking about a change in your drinking habits? You’re not alone. Join our free Drink Less programme and receive the compassionate support, guidance, and expertise you need. Whether you aim to stop drinking or simply want to reduce your intake for a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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