Are you sober curious?

If you’ve found yourself wondering how giving up alcohol could affect your health and wellbeing, even though you don’t feel like you’ve got a drinking problem, you could be ‘sober curious’. And you’re not alone. 

Breaking up with alcohol 

Going out, socialising and drinking often go hand in hand. It can be hard to imagine how you can do one without the other. We’ve got some ways to make things easier. 

Are there benefits to drinking alcohol? 

The type of alcohol we drink and how we consume it varies across cultures. Can a moderate intake in combination with other factors actually be beneficial to our health and wellbeing? 

12 tips to help you drink in moderation

Do you ever find yourself drinking to excess? It’s hard to find moderation with alcohol sometimes, but with our health and wellbeing at stake, there’s good reason to do so. Here’s our top tips to help

How alcohol affects our immune system

Drinking alcohol effects our bodies in many ways. It can compromise our immune system which protects us against infections. Let’s take a closer look. 

Do you understand the link between alcohol and anxiety?

If you’ve ever needed a drink to deal with anxiety or experienced anxiety after drinking, you’ll know the connection between the two is real. Let’s look at how they’re related and what we can do to help ourselves.

Alcohol and the over 50s

Drinking in older age is often overlooked but can cause considerable damage to our health and wellbeing. Infact, overall alcohol intake is declining in the UK except in those aged 55 and over.