Breaking up with alcohol 

Going out, socialising and drinking often go hand in hand. It can be hard to imagine how you can do one without the other. We’ve got some ways to make things easier. 

So you’ve decided you want to reduce the amount you’re drinking – that’s awesome – but what to do when it comes to enjoying nights out with friends, or family weddings? Here’s some tips to help you stay on track and reap the rewards of breaking up with alcohol. 

Make a plan. Decide how much you’ll drink before you go out. Keep track of your drinks and pace yourself. If you decide on 3 drinks, spread them over 3 hours with non alcoholic drinks in between. 

Go small. Downsize to bottled beers instead of pints. Choose a small glass of wine over a large. Keep an eye on alcohol strength and go for lighter options when you can.  

Set a budget. Decide how much you want to spend on alcohol a week and stick to budget, aiming for 2 alcohol free days a week. You’ll soon see the pounds stack up, saving what you used to spend on pints or cocktails for a weekend away, or some new clothes. 

Lean on your mates. Surround yourself with supportive friends. Hang out with those who will encourage you as you make positive changes rather than make you feel bad for reducing your drinking. You don’t need negativity! 

Focus on the benefits. Keep a list on your phone’s notepad or a note in your wallet or purse of the personal reasons you’ve decided to drink less. If you’re having a tough moment looking at the reasons why you’re cutting down can really help motivate you to carry on.   

Cheer yourself on. Don’t forget to feel proud of yourself when you come home from a night out having drunk less than you normally would. Sure, you might slip up from time to time, we’re all human, but remember, forward is forward no matter the pace.  

By reducing how much alcohol you drink you’ll quickly see the effects. Chances are you’ll sleep better, notice skin improvement and feel more energised. This is great news if you want to lose or maintain your weight, making getting up and exercising easier. In the long term you could even notice your mood improves, you feel less anxious and your immune system is stronger.  


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