Lifestyle Medicine with Dr Richard Pile

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Recently we kicked off our first ever #ThriveTribeTalks session with our clinical lead, Dr Richard Pile speaking about the importance of lifestyle medicine and how it should play a role in primary care consultations.

Lifestyle Medicine – what & why?

Lifestyle medicine deals with research, prevention and treatment of disorders caused by lifestyle factors. The integration of lifestyle practices into the modern practice of medicine is essential to lower risk factors and treat chronic disease. The harsh reality is that life expectancy has plateaued and is now decreasing in the West.

There is no escaping the huge benefits for patients when they make healthy lifestyle changes. Dr Richard Pile highlighted the key points that Health Care Professionals should consider when referring into services that support lifestyle medicine, such as ours here at One You East Sussex.

“We ask Patients what is the matter with them, rather than what matters to them.”

Dr Pile spoke about the amazing influence that a GP can have on their patient and how GP’s are in a unique position to enable change for them. GP’s are trusted to give support and advice as well as medical interventions. By referring patients into lifestyle medicine specialists, like One You East Sussex, they are enabling patients to see these changes as health changes, not just cosmetic.

As we delve deeper into our first Thrive Tribe Talks session, the conversation turned to the 6 pillars of wellbeing. These included sleep, movement, nutrition, relaxation, connection and purpose. At One You East Sussex, we can help people change their behaviour. Of these 6 pillars of wellbeing, we can help people address each one – directly or indirectly.

How we can help

Our FREE healthy lifestyle advice helps people change their behaviours. Whether that’s stopping smoking, losing weight, increasing their movement, providing nutritional information, reducing alcohol content or providing NHS Health Checks.

By working on just one of these lifestyle factors, we know that each of these pillars will improve with time. If you’re looking to improve your wellbeing – we’d love to hear from you.

Get your journey started today by filling out a short referral form here.

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