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Make Every Contact Count

Is Making Every Contact Count training right for you?

Do you work face to face with clients or patients?

If so, you’re probably already having conversations with them about how they can make changes to their behaviour. Influencing people to make change is really important, but do you feel you’re making as much of a difference as you’d like?

Making Every Contact Count gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to ‘make every contact count’ when opportunities arise with clients.

Drawing on evidence-based behaviour change theory, we discuss how to help people find their own motivation to make positive changes. By tweaking the conversations you’re already having, you can have a great impact on your clients’ lives.

There are millions of face to face conversations happening across the country every day. Whether you work in healthcare, housing, education or another organisation, improving the outcomes of just some of these conversations will make a huge difference both Nationally and individually.

After the training you’ll be well-equipped to have brief conversations about clients’ health and wellbeing and how they might make positive changes.

You’ll be able to recognise when it’s appropriate to have conversations about behaviour change, have skillful conversations and learn about local services you can signpost clients to. You’ll also have the chance to download the East Sussex MECC App. This gives you quick and easy access to local news, training and service referral forms.

Who can we deliver to?

One You East Sussex can deliver to anyone in the County!

MECC training is available for groups of 8-24 people. We also have Open Days for individuals, with our next in Eastbourne coming up on the 9th October 2019 & 7th February 2020 in Crowborough. (see our website for more details). Training lasts 3 hours and includes a variety of practical elements and group discussion. It is worth 6 CPD points and carries a Level 2 Qualification.

Interested in finding out more?

We have Open Dates available to book on for on our website. If you would like to offer Making Every Contact Count to your staff or have a group in mind (8-24 participants), please email [email protected] for more details. If you would like more information, please call our office on 01323 404600.


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