Mental Health – Time to Talk 2021

TimetoTalk 2021

One of our very own, Alex opens up on why we need to reduce the stigma around mental health.

“We all have experiences or misconceptions around mental health, it’s hard not to. Personally, I have suffered with mental health issues for half my life (14 years). And yet, it was only after I felt brave enough to discuss the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing with friends, family and medical professionals that I gained understanding. Understanding that I wasn’t alone.

Now, it wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds. I had several family members notice I wasn’t quite acting my normal self – I think they had for a long time. It finally resonated, I realised my habits weren’t healthy, usually avoiding most social interaction and unable to look people in the eyes for fear of someone noticing I was struggling. Yet my road to feeling better started with a conversation.”

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem, which means someone you know may be struggling with mental illness.

Be bold: Don’t be afraid to ask that friend or family member how they are feeling.

Be brave: Brave enough to ask someone how they are or admit if you aren’t feeling well mentally.

Be open minded: sometimes the best communication can just be a listening ear with no judgement.

And finally, ask twice. Often times, conversations can feel fleeting. No one wants to bring the mood down when the conversation feels limited in time. Show the other person you have time, by asking twice. You never know what a difference it might just make.

The last year has been hard and challenging for us all. Notice the signs in yourself and others.

It’s time to talk.

For East Sussex residents, find out how you can be helped by accessing Health In Mind’s FREE services.

How One You East Sussex can help

We aren’t specialised to help with mental health but we can help change significant factors that will aid mental health. There are many components to living a healthy lifestyle, all of them start with you.

We can help East Sussex residents stop smoking, lose weight, increase physical activity, reduce their alcohol consumption, and eat well. Each of these factors will play a massive part in making you FEEL better.

Start your journey with us here, by filling out a referral.


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