Workplace Health Offer

Helping you staff's health and wellbeing

Employers need to protect their staff, now more than ever, we believe a healthy workplace is a thriving workplace.

So much so, that we’ve created a FREE insight tool to help you understand your staff’s health and lifestyles so that together we can give them help and support.

Supporting your employees’ health is more important than ever, but how can you do it if you don’t know what their needs are? We can help you understand your employees better and improve your workplace productivity.

Each year, per employee, 6.5 days are lost to sickness absence in the UK. This jumps to 7.2 days for an employee who smokes and 8.2 days for employees who are physically inactive.

Depending on your staff’s needs, One You East Sussex can provide FREE stop smoking support, FREE NHS Health Checks, FREE weight management programmes, FREE nutrition advice and FREE training tailored to your business. We even have a virtual gym on offer!

Our insight tool is completely anonymous; we simply listen to peoples’ needs and structure a bespoke package to make your staff feel happier and healthier.

Your colleagues and employees are vital to keep your business going. Sick days cost businesses over £77.5 billion per year and much of that can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us know we should be keeping an eye on our diet and exercising regularly, we know that smoking is bad for us and we shouldn’t drink too much alcohol. But making changes on our own, and sticking to them, can be really hard. That’s why support from One You East Sussex is so vital; we help your staff make the changes they choose so they’re more likely to succeed.

One You East Sussex is the county’s FREE, integrated healthy lifestyle service. We have years of experience in supporting people to make positive changes to their health and lifestyle and live their lives to the full. We can support your workplace to become healthier and more productive by listening to the needs of your workforce – saving you time and energy.

For more information about the Workplace Insight Tool, get in touch with Dan at [email protected].


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