4 simple ways you can move your body today

We asked our gloji gym trainers to share 4 simple exercises you can try today to get you moving more and feeling great. 

There’s several movements we can do to see real progress, and we can do them all for free in the comfort of our own home. 

Take the stairs 

Movement can be done in so many forms, how about trying one of these next time you take the stairs. 

  • Move quickly.  
  • Go up on all fours.  
  • Slowly come down the stairs, focus on the time under tension for your leg muscles.  
  • Go up two at a time, maybe even three. 

Use your time wisely around the house 

It can be tough to prioritise movement, especially with busy schedules but you might be able to find a few minutes each day doing routine tasks like: 

  • Boiling the kettle. 
  • Brushing your teeth. 
  • Cooking dinner. 

Here’s a few ways you could get moving:  

  • Give press ups a try against the worktop or on the floor while the kettle boils. 
  • See how many squats you can do as you brush your teeth.  
  • Jog on the spot between stirs of your dinner. 

Walk your way to fitness 

There are lots of ways you can squeeze a little more walking into your life. Here’s just a few. 

  • Leave the car at home when running errands and put one foot in front of the other. 
  • If you drive to a park or common to let your dog have a run about, try walking from your front door instead.  
  • Pop toddlers in a buggy and get some steps in, or try to keep up with kids as they pedal and you stride the pavement.  
  • Talk to a mate on the phone while walking or see if they’ll meet up for a walk next time you’re due a catch up instead of meeting at a pub, cafe or your home. 

Work your legs to earn a sit down 

Over the course of the day we stand up and sit down hundreds of times. Incorporate a little movement into a few of those sitting motions to develop your leg muscles and build on your everyday activity. 

Before you sit, use the chair as a marker and do 10 sit-to-stands or bodyweight squats. To make this exercise harder, focus on slowly lowering your bodyweight down to the chair, gently touch your bum against the seat (or hover just above) and hold for 2 seconds and then stand tall.   

The same can be done with a bodyweight squat, hold your squat at the lowest position for 2 seconds each rep. 


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