Festive Football

Play football and lose weight?

Like any bloke who lives in the UK – the holiday season has many reasons to celebrate. Great food, family company and a jam packed TV schedule full with our favourite football teams.

When the holidays come and go, many of us are left with a feeling of emptiness. Back to our ‘normal’ lives. This year we suggest using that motivation, dusting off the boots and signing up to one of MAN v FAT’s Football leagues. In East Sussex, we offer a FREE 14 week season to Gents with a BMI of 27.5 or above.

But it’s more than football.

More than just 30 minutes of 6 a side with a bunch of like minded Men once a week. MAN v FAT offers recipes and access to a virtual gym with a wide range of classes for all abilities, you’re able to work hard away from the game so the results come easier on and off the pitch.  MAN v FAT also provides access to a mental health platform to ensure we take care of ourselves and those around us.

What makes MAN v FAT Football unique? Your result on the pitch is only half the story. There’s weigh ins each week for every player before they lace up their footy boots – with bonus points awarded for losing 5% and 10% of the players starting weight over that season.

The biggest question is what’s not to lose? Sign up today and be allocated a team, work with Men in your local area to play footy and lose weight with the goal of winning the league.

MAN v FAT badge

MAN v FAT has 3 leagues in East Sussex – Eastbourne, Falmer and Hastings.

Eastbourne plays on a Wednesday evening at Eastbourne Borough FC.

Falmer play at the University of Sussex on a Monday evening.

Hastings are located at Horntye Sports Park, also on a Monday evening.

Weigh, play, lose, win.

Ready to start?

You can sign up with MAN v FAT directly here, or through our self referral form here.


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