Motivation to ‘Move More’ this Summer

Motivation this summer

Motivation. One little word, but a whole lot of meaning.

Motivation is what spurs you to make a change, and also keeps you on the right track with your eye on the prize. Often, life events can come along to knock us off our path but it’s motivation that gets us back to where we want to be.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stick with making a change. But keeping an eye on why you want to do things differently is really important.

We’re all motivated by different things, and the trick is to find out what your own personal motivators are.

And that’s where One You East Sussex comes in. We can help you explore why you want to make change – what is your change really about? Is it that you want to move more to avoid getting ill? Do you want to stop smoking for your health, or is it to save money or improve your relationships? Do you want to lose weight for a special occasion that’s coming up, or is it to help the pain in your knees? Your motivations are as personal as you are, and that’s why we help each client in an individual way.

Whatever your reasons for making change, we’ll help you work out what your motivations are so you can achieve your goals.

And when life comes along and knocks you off your path? Well, we’re there to help you get going again.

Our Health Coaches will support you to identify what it is that’s stopping you reach your objective and put a plan in place to help you. We can work together to find you a personalised plan of action.

Whether your plan for moving more is to do some exercises in your chair to increase your mobility, or if you’d like to incorporate movement into your daily routine, we can help you. If you have a specific goal in mind, like reaching 10,000 steps a day or completing Couch to 5K, we’ll support you to make it a reality.

Fancy a challenge?

For the month of July, we’re attempting to move a total distance of 9,600 km and reach Tokyo (virtually) in time for the Olympics! We’d love your help – Find out how to join here.

We know that a walking and running challenge isn’t for everyone. Have you seen our chair based resources sheet? Find it here.

Not only that, we have a wide range of classes (live and pre-recorded) every day, on our virtual gym platform. The platform is free to all clients of One You East Sussex. Find the virtual gym here.

Motivation isn’t all you need to make a positive change, but it certainly helps. You also need to know what the best changes to make actually are and how to get started. One You East Sussex can help you find the best opportunities to change your habits, helping you to find the right time, the right support and the right activity for you.

So, you provide the motivation and One You East Sussex will help you with the rest.

You can self refer into our service here.


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