Walk Your Way To Fitness, Gents!

How can walking benefit mens health?

We’re fighting a battle against inactivity.

Studies show that in 2017/18, 25% of people aged 16 years and over in England were categorised as ‘physically inactive’ – that means they did less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. Starting to be more physically active can seem daunting, there’s so many options of activities, classes, or sports. Yet we want to highlight the simplest option. So simple, we think it often gets forgotten.

Walk this way

We’ve got stunning scenery in East Sussex. Could you spare 30 minutes a day to walk? The physical benefits of walking include the potential to shed some pounds along with improving your blood flow and circulation. Be in charge of your pace, building up gradually is the recommended option, it’s worth remembering a fast-paced walk is the most beneficial for us.

Protect your prostate and your sex life by getting your steps in

By ensuring you walk at a moderate pace 3 hours a week, (on average 25 minutes a day) studies have shown that the risks of prostate cancer are nearly 66% less than those that don’t exercise enough. But there’s more, due to the circulation and blood flow boost we spoke about earlier – you’re also improving your chances of having a stronger and longer erection with clear blood vessels. 🍆

Walking can help us reduce risks of heart disease and high cholesterol. Although men over 45 years old are most at risk, younger men still need to be wary. We recommend chatting to your GP if you are worried.

Mental health benefits of going for a walk

In the UK, suicide is the highest cause of death in men under 35. That’s a truly staggering statistic. Something as simple as walking can provide some benefits. If walking outside, being around nature has a calming effect on us. By getting our feet moving we can also boost our mood, improve our quality of sleep and lower stress levels.

However, if you are continuing to feel low, we recommend talking to Health in Mind or Samaritans.

How to get started

Get your favourite music or podcast loaded, ensure you’ve got several light layers on that can be taken off as you warm up and let your feet lead. If 30 minutes in one go isn’t possible, why not split it into 2-3 smaller walks throughout the day. You’ll still receive the same benefits!

You never know where your feet might take you.

Struggling for motivation? Let us help, we’re specialists in behavioural change with years of experience in helping people move more for FREE. Fill out a quick referral here.


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