May Menu – Rainbow Quesadilla Recipe


Week 4 of our May Menu brings the perfect snack or meal – Rainbow Quesadilla!

Let us set the scene: it’s meal time in a busy house. Hungry people are all around – everyone is wondering what’s to eat. Each person in the household has a slightly different preference (vegetarian, a dairy intolerance, vegan).

I know what you’re thinking, how can all the residents be kept happy and fed quickly? Well, we think we’ve got the solution – it’s time to introduce the recipe for Rainbow Quesadilla. These are a versatile option for all the family, we recommend experimenting with your fillings to find the perfect style for you!

All our wonderful recipes have been written by SCDA Community Support & Seahaven Community Food. Find out below how you could win a physical copy of their full recipe book or a fruit and veg hamper worth £20. But for now, enjoy learning how to make this easy crowd pleasing snack or meal.

Rainbow Quesadilla Recipe

rainbow quesadillas recipe

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 4 recipes throughout May. If you’re after some cheap, cheerful, crowd pleasing recipes then be sure to look at SCDA and Seahaven Community Food’s Budget Bites booklet.

How we can help

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If you like or share our Facebook post, or like or re-tweet our Twitter post you could win a fabulous local veg box worth £20 from FarmShopBox! We will pick 10 runners up to win a copy of Seahaven Community Food’s Budget Bites recipe books.



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