May Menu – Thai Ginger Noodle Soup Recipe

Budget Bites Thai Noodle Soup

Week 2 of our May Menu brings us the Thai Ginger Noodle Soup recipe.

Spring is well and truly here! We’re daydreaming about tropical shores with endless sunsets. Now we may not be setting sail just yet but we can get our taste buds zinging with this week’s recipe choice.

We’ve teamed up with Seahaven Community Food & SCDA Community Support to bring you family-friendly, budget ideas from their recipe book ‘Budget Bites’. These recipes are good for your health and your pocket too. Keep a look out for our meals selections throughout May which prove that it doesn’t cost lots of money to eat well.

Thai Ginger Noodle Soup Recipe

thai ginger noodle soup recipe

This easy cook Thai Ginger Noodle Soup from the Budget Bites Cook Book has the power to transport you somewhere beautiful. Seahaven have created and shared a recipe that really hits the spot if you’re looking for taste and health in a pot!

Our recipe can work perfectly for lunch or dinner. In addition, you have full creative licence to add any extra flavourings or ingredients as you see fit.

recipe thai ginger noodle soup

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