Do you want cigarettes?

Half way through Stoptober!

We’ve started our 28 day challenge to quit cigarettes!

It’s completely normal to start having thoughts or urges to have a cigarette. As important as it is to notice these urges, it’s equally as important to not act on them.

Some top tips for feeling like we need cigarettes include ensuring the correct use of nicotine replacement therapy or medication, perhaps take a walk, make sure to have a drink of water and sip it when the urges start and until the feeling passes.

In these moments where urges can feel like they’re getting on top of you, it’s best to remember why you started. Why you want to give up smoking and hold onto that thought. Even having a puff on a cigarette can be a huge set back. Stay strong and make sure to talk to your Advisor when needed.

A huge benefit of stopping smoking is that exercise will start to feel easier.

Exercise can also be a great outlet for releasing the stresses felt by stopping smoking. By using our service to help you give up cigarettes, you are also eligible to use our online virtual gym platform called The Other Room Gym. In the platform, you will find a variety of classes from yoga, pilates, chair based exercises all the way up to high intensity interval training. A questionnaire must be completed to be granted access to the platform. As a result of completing the questionnaire, you will also be assigned a ROOM based on your current exercise base and potential comorbidities. Throughout the week, we have LIVE sessions going! All are posted on the website, be sure to look out for ones you like in the room best matching your ability.

Let’s introduce the rooms:

We have the Mobility Room

This is based for those with a relatively low exercise history or base level of fitness. In here, you can find chair based exercise sessions and classes of a lower intensity. A great way to work around an injury or health condition.

The Progression Room

Hosts pilates, stretching classes at a slightly tougher intensity and beginner HIIT classes. This room proves to be our most popular with our current members!

The Sweat Room

Just as it sounds, we have higher intensity sessions here. Usually of HIIT (high intensity interval training) variety which can include bodyweight exercises with periods of shorter rest or starting to incorporate weighted sessions if people have some available at their homes.

If for whatever reason, you can’t make a live session – don’t fret! We have pre-recorded sessions that we store in the Vault. You can access sessions of all abilities in here. Including videos that work on form and technique too!

Like the sound of it? What an offer to go alongside our support in giving up cigarettes.

If you would like to refer into our services for stopping smoking or moving more – please fill out a form here.


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