Have you heard of Champix?

Stoptober 2020!

Make this the time you quit for good

Champix is our most effective medication used for smoking cessation. The way it works involves blocking the nicotine receptors – reducing the desire and enjoyment of smoking. The drug causes a release of dopamine, the pleasure chemical released by nicotine. This provides the effect of relieving cravings and greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms that are associated with stopping smoking.

There are no known drug interactions with Champix – but please bear in mind that the metabolisation of certain medications can change, just from stopping smoking, so please speak to your GP if you think this is happening.

Take this opportunity to improve your health and change your life 

Champix should be taken for 12 weeks – by completing the course you are now 11 times more likely to stay quit for good! Your Advisor will understand that taking the first steps towards quitting may feel like a leap of faith but will be with you all the way. They will call you at an agreed time every week and help you through difficult times and celebrate success with you.

You can Continue to smoke for up to 14 days after starting Champix.


Day 14 will be your quit date although some people decide to quit sooner.


Like most medications, there can be side effects – a few are common with Champix. These can happen until your body is used to the medication. The most common is nausea and vivid dreams, sometimes sleeplessness. These can be minimised by preparation – making sure to take the tablets with a hearty meal, having plenty of water through the day and not taking the tablets too close to bedtime. Please speak to your advisor if you are experiencing any of these.

Champix is there to take away most of the withdrawal symptoms you would experience otherwise. It is a good idea to change any routine where smoking played a part, then you will reduce the ‘cue’ cravings too.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be mistakenly attributed to the champix – headaches, mood swings, irritability, lack of appetite and difficulty in concentrating – these are common with the absence of the nicotine and the chemicals it triggers within us (dopamine, serotonin etc.) and all part of the fun when quitting smoking!

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Be sure to ask us about Champix at your first appointment and make this the last quit attempt you try. Find out more Stoptober news here.


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