What Our Healthy Weight Practitioner Eats in a Day

What I eat in a day!

Frauke, our Healthy Weight Practitioner shares her eating habits in a typical day at work. Check out the video below for more information and a few tips on how to eat healthily while you’re on the go.

My typical day, particularly during the week is actually quite predictable, so I am definitely a “creature of habit”.


I do eat regularly, so I always start with breakfast.

During the week this mostly consists of either 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of porridge, with almond milk, a dollop of yoghurt and a banana and maybe some berries. Alternatively, I’d have “overnight oats” (2tbsp of oats soaked in water over night), with grated apple and a dollop of yoghurt and maybe some nuts crumbled on top.


Lunch during the week tends to be homemade soup made of a mix of vegetables and either some lentils or some starchy potato to be more filling (approx. 400ml). This is tasty but not too heavy in calories.


In the evening today I had a cottage pie with lots of added veg. For the topping I used a combination of sweet potato, carrot and potato which worked well and helps with increasing the vegetable intake.


I do tend to eat little and often, so I would have some snacks in between the main meals as I tend to notice quite clearly when my bloodsugars go down. I will be snacking on some fruit & maybe a nakd bar in the afternoon (or a homemade equivalent, i.e. “energy balls” from Deliciously Ella recipe).

The evening tends to be my “danger zone” in terms of snacking, so I might have some tortilla crisps (approx. 10% less fat than standard crisps) or a handful of peanuts.

I try and limit my intake here by putting crisps in a small bowl (and resisting going back for seconds – most of the time 😉).

Over the weekend I may have a glass of wine to go with it.


One thing I have trained myself to do is drink – LOTS. So I constantly have a water or herbal tea on the go, though I do love coffee and have several cups a day of that also – with just sweetener and some almond milk.

So there you have it. What I eat in a day in a nutshell…

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