How losing weight helped my diabetes: Andy’s story

Can losing weight help type 2 diabetes?

Andy accessed our service for weight management support and has managed to reduce the severity of his Type 2 Diabetes.

“I feel so much better in myself. I’m more confident in the way I look and more motivated.”

Andy’s stats:
First session 92.6kg, waist size 120cm, BMI 28.9
Last session 79.9kg, waist size 103cm, BMI 24.9
(the sessions are roughly 6 months apart)

What made you access One You East Sussex?

“The reason why I contacted One You East Sussex was when my GP phoned me with my latest Diabetes statistics. They told me that my latest Diabetes blood results indicated that my blood sugars were rather high and that they were going to introduce another tablet to help control my blood sugars.

At that point I knew that I had to do something about my weight. I asked my GP if he knew of anyone that could help me with losing weight and they told me about One You East Sussex and sent me the link to their website.”

What are the main differences to your life now you have lost weight?

“I was 92.6kg with a waist size of 120cm at the end of January 2021. Now I am 79.1kg with a waist size of 103cm.  I’ve noticed benefits in not getting out of breath or feeling tired now I’ve lost the weight. I was on 184 units of insulin and now it’s down to 78 units which has helped, as insulin can cause you to put on weight.

To help the weight management support, I had to restructure my lifestyle by being more active. I now enjoy brisk walking and doing some workouts. And with the help of my mentor Josh from One You East Sussex, I was able to watch what I was eating along with portion sizes. Also drinking far more water than I had ever done before has really helped, I now drink over 2 litres a day.”

What would you say to someone thinking of using our service?

“If there’s anyone reading this with a weight problem, I would recommend contacting One You East Sussex. They provide an excellent service at no cost and you will certainly see the benefits with their help.”

How do you feel now in comparison?

“I feel so much better in myself. I’m more confident in the way I look and more motivated.”

Andy’s story is incredible, we’re so grateful to have been able to provide weight management support and help his Type 2 Diabetes. If you’d like to use our services, they don’t cost a penny and you can get started by filling out an online referral here.

We think it is worth mentioning that while we offer a comprehensive and evidence-backed weight management service, we are not condition specific experts and offer no absolute assurances regarding condition improvement.


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