Peter tells us how he went smoke free!

Pete is smokefree this Stoptober, are you?

Peter went smokefree with our help and we’re proud to share his experience of using our service and giving up cigarettes.

How did you hear about One You East Sussex?

” I’d fallen off the stop smoking wagon (blamed it on the lockdown) and sheepishly contacted my GP for help.  He recommended One You East Sussex and I got in touch.  They got back to me immediately and progress was rapid.”

How do you feel now you are smokefree?

” To be honest I feel very few health benefits from stopping – never have – but the feeling of achievement is very gratifying.”

What made you access One You East Sussex?

” I’d given up smoking and knew, with support, I could do it again.  My GP recommended One You East Sussex. Living on a pension is not really compatible with wasting money on fags and this was my main reason for packing them in.  If I was smoking today I reckon I’d be blowing nearly £4,000 a year!”

What advice would you give to someone considering going smokefree?
” My top tips:
1.  If I can give up smoking anyone can.
2.  With professional help it’s much easier than you probably imagine it is.
3.  Get help from a smoking cessation specialist: they’ll support you all the way.
4.  I was fag free only a week after starting.
5.  In 6 months since I stopped I haven’t put on any weight.
6.  You will have a real sense of accomplishment when you stop.
7.  Calculate how much money you’ll save – you’ll be amazed.
8.  Go for it!”

The free NHS Smokefree app can be a huge support through a quit attempt. Find out how you can download it here.

Would you like our free support?

If you live in East Sussex, we can provide a combination of behavioural change coaching and Nicotine Replacement Therapy to ensure you stand the best chance of going smokefree.

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