Linda’s weight loss journey with us..

I managed to lose 7 stones and feel fitter now, than I have done for years
women before and after weight loss

women before and after weight loss

Linda turned to One You East Sussex to help on her weight loss journey, read her story to see how she achieved those goals.

What made you take that first step to want to lose weight?

We moved to St Leonards six and a half years ago. I began to feel that we had made a huge mistake, as we didn’t know the area of anyone who lived here. In my honest opinion, I had never felt so lonely, depressed and unfit in my entire life.

How did you find out about our service?

I went to see my GP, who immediately advised me to try to lose some weight and to exercise! She gave me a leaflet about ‘One You’. I contacted them and managed to enrol on one of their courses. The ten week course was absolutely free. The only thing I had to lose was weight!!

Describe your journey on the programme?

I was doing really well and lost weight consistently every week.  I made a big effort to walk daily, increasing my steps gradually until I was actually achieving 10,000 steps and enjoying exercising. This is a sentence I never thought I would say!

What has been your biggest achievement?

I made some lovely friends on the course, my life started to get so much better for me. ‘One You’ made me have a completely different attitude to food, which I’ve continued to embrace. The course ended but I still had a lot of weight to lose. I was determined to carry on, but I needed something to bridge the gap now that my ‘One You’ sessions had ended. I found and turned to Active Hastings.

One You East Sussex Logo, writing in yellow on an aqua background

Thank you to ‘One You’ and ‘Active Hastings’, I managed to lose 7 stones and feel fitter now, than I have done for years.


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