Steve’s stop smoking story

Stoptober 2021, Steve's Story

Steve accessed our service to stop smoking. We caught up with Steve to find out how his quit attempt went!

How did you hear about One You East Sussex to stop smoking?

“I heard about One You East Sussex through my smoking cessation nurse Katie. The reason I accessed One You East Sussex was basically because it dawned on me just how stupid I was being smoking 40 cigarettes a day.  My doctor was always advising me to stop as I am a diabetic. I was struggling during lockdown to just go out for walks with my wife and dog. I knew the only way I would be able to stop would be with the help of Champix tablets and of course the huge support from Katie my smoking cessation nurse.”

How do you feel now you’ve given up smoking?

“Now I have given up smoking I feel so much healthier. Friends have commented on how I have lost that grey, dull looking complexion I had, and the whites of my eyes are brighter. I smell clean and fresh and not like an old ashtray. Being a type 1 diabetic, my blood sugar levels have improved and x-rays of the back of my eyes recently showed improvement of diabetic retinopathy. I love playing my sports, tennis and walking football are my favourites. I have so much more energy and have stopped coughing at night.”

What advice would you give to someone considering giving up smoking?

“My advice to someone considering giving up smoking is do it for yourself and loved ones. I had cravings for about a month after I stopped but just kept myself busy. As each day passed without reaching for a cigarette it made me more determined and pleased with myself.  My sports also kept me going as I would tell myself how much of a better sportsman I will become through not smoking.”


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How much money are you saving now you’re not buying cigarettes?

“I am saving a huge amount of money through not smoking.” Based on the fact Steve used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, within one month of being smokefree he would save around £700 a month. (Numbers based on 20 x cigarette pack at £12.00)

Stoptober is a 28 day National challenge to stop smoking. We offer FREE support to East Sussex residents looking to stop smoking.

You can start your journey to being smokefree by filling out a short referral here.


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